Allergy Index

Affiliated Laboratory has concluded it's 'Allergy Index' for the season.
Thank you to the hematology team for all their hard work!


Type of Pollen
Count Number
Predominant Pollen Type:
Other Pollens Seen:
Mold Count Number
Mold Types Seen
Affiliated Laboratory Inc. (ALI) provides a free allergy index to the public during the months of April through September. Technologists examine collection rods microscopically, cataloging levels and types of mold, tree and grass pollen, and weeds. Hematology staff members update the allergy index every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the pollen season. This free service provides guidance to patients and their providers in managing asthma and allergy symptoms. Consulting our Allergy Index is a quick, easy way to see what’s floating around in the air today and to find out which allergens bother you.

*The information collected is being shared with the CDC in Atlanta in their study of global warming